Basic Tooling

I read a post a couple of months ago (Sadly, I can’t find the link), about basic tooling for your daily work. You should use one product of every type of thing. This could be learning and using for example RabbitMQ for pub/sub, queues and such. If you ever need a go-to database it could be MariaDB etc. Monitoring could be Sensu etc. I have decided to do just that. I have started using RabbitMQ for processing messages that get sent to queues.

Limiting alchohol consumption

For the past several years there has been cultucal/political trend to limit young people purchasing alcohol such as hard liquor, beer and wine. You have to be above 16 or 18 depending on what you want to buy. I tend to disagree with this trend because I started drinking when I was 15. I remember when we were done with classes in middle school, most of us went to the local bar to drink.

Star Wars Galaxies - My story

Back in the autumn or fall of 2003 I started playing Star Wars Galaxies. I remember I started the game and chose Tatooine as a start location, because it was the only planet that I actually did remember from the Star Wars movies. Planets like Rori, Corellia, Dantooine were not plantes that I actually heard of before I started the game. I picked my start profession as a marksman going with the pistoleer as my main branch.

The War in Ukraine

I stand with Ukraine. Of course, I do! If your country gets attacked you do whatever you can to defend it. That is what I would do. They have a right to selfdetermination and if they want to join NATO they can. If they want to join the European Union, they have a right to do that as well. It is up to them and hopefully they will do that some day.

RabbitMQ #1

I need to integrate RabbitMQ to send data to it and then do something with that data. I read on a blog a couple of weeks ago, that you need to have some services available to you such as a database, message queue etc. I haven’t picked a database yet, but I think RabbitMQ is a good message queue service, where I can send data to it and then have some other service do something with that data.

AWS and the others

I have been working on AWS for the past 9 years. I have multiple ceritifications in the field and I really enjoy working on that platform. When I try to use Azure or Google Cloud Computing, I have a hard time motivating myself to do work on the others. I know that I should because learning one or more cloud provider technologies is beneficial in the competitive world of IT. The more you know the better chance of they’ll hire you, but I just think that you’ll never be as good as someone who has dedicated all his time at work and his free time to do work on a single platform.

New blog

So this will be my new blog where I will be blogging about IT, books and of course AWS. I will hopefully blog frequently.

Corona virus (COVID-19) is upon us

Corona virus is upon us here in Denmark. Stores except supermarkets, workplaces, schools and other educational places are all closed. We have been asked to work from home and that means having more meetings over video conferencing. It is doable but sometimes you just want to have people around you. I mean, you sort of miss the water cooler talk and talking about daily stuff. It has been somewhat troublesome and difficult to find good and precise daily routines for me and my family, and it does not make it any better that we all have to teach our kids at home.

I'm getting old to play games

For the past several years I’ve had a hard time playing new games. I find them really boring because I feel like I’m playing a movie. There are long cutscenes, you have to follow a specific path and everything is sort of scheduled. I don’t like that. So I decided a couple of days ago to start playing Star Wars Galaxies again. Its a sandbox MMO from 2003. It was shut down in 2008 because of lack of subscribers.

I love AWS Parameter Store

I really love AWS Parameter Store. It’s a services where you can save encrypted data such as keys and password. These encrypted values can be queried and downloaded into an EC2-instance and used. This could be things such as RDS DB passwords, private SSH keys etc. I actually used it for a private SSH key. I needed the server to run a ‘git pull’ at specific times in the day, and there was no webhook available, so I did it like that.