Corona virus (COVID-19) is upon us

Corona virus is upon us here in Denmark. Stores except supermarkets, workplaces, schools and other educational places are all closed. We have been asked to work from home and that means having more meetings over video conferencing. It is doable but sometimes you just want to have people around you. I mean, you sort of miss the water cooler talk and talking about daily stuff. It has been somewhat troublesome and difficult to find good and precise daily routines for me and my family, and it does not make it any better that we all have to teach our kids at home. But we are making it work and it is a learning process for us as well.

What am I doing? Trying to keep a regular schedule as much as I can. Usually I drink coffee at work and only use my own coffee during the weekends. However I have been digging into my stash of Swedish coffee. This means that I’m soon going to run out if I do not get resupplied. Sadly, the people that I know that take frequent trips to Sweden, have been locked down at home because they are in the risk group.

So that is really it. We’re staying at home and trying to live our daily lives as best as we can.