Limiting alchohol consumption

For the past several years there has been cultucal/political trend to limit young people purchasing alcohol such as hard liquor, beer and wine. You have to be above 16 or 18 depending on what you want to buy. I tend to disagree with this trend because I started drinking when I was 15. I remember when we were done with classes in middle school, most of us went to the local bar to drink. It wasn’t like we got totally wasted. We had one or two beers and then we went on our way home afterwards. It was good on a friday afternoon, just sit back and enjoy your beer. Many many years later I completely stopped drinking but it does not relate to any negative things regarding consuming alcohol. There are always people who will abuse it - that is just how things are. You can say that abusing things like sugary foods/drinks, fatty foods such as pizza, burgers etc. is also very bad for you. If you’re going to do stuff that are unhealthy, you should do it in moderation. So I do not consider consuming alcohol at an earlier age than 16/18 as a bad thing. I would rather have that my kids after the age of 15 enjoy a beer in the open rather than keeping it a secret.