Random update #2

I have started watching Community again. It is one of the series that I can watch over and over again without ever getting tired of it, or skipping episodes etc. I can do the same thing with Friends, How I met your mother, Scrubs, Frasier, Spin City (First 3 seasons), New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It is October and the energy crises is hitting us all. The cost of electricity has increased somewhat. It doesn’t really affect us in our family because we’ve already limited our electricity consumption. The only thing that is running 24 hours a day is our fridge, freezer, internet (Router, switch and AP), USB charging station and our boiler. Everything else is shut off. I guess, I cannot think of anything else that I can do. What about heating? We do not use gas but oil in our boiler to heat water and our radiators. The price has increased from around 8.200 DKR (excluding taxes and VAT) to 15.000 DKR. The good thing about it is that we buy it twice a year. Next time we’ll purchase oil will be around January/February hopefully. It depends on the outside weather and how much of a hard winter we’ll experience.

Today is also Sunday. Tomorrow is a regular workday and I need to finish the Python-script I’m writing. It needs to update a rule in WAF, but I hope that I can just modify a single parameter and then update the rule that way instead of downloading the existing rule from AWS and then updating it. The other way is much easier, but I have my doubts that it is possible. I’m too tired to look into it right now, so I’ll do that tomorrow. Work is going pretty well, and I enjoy the new place I have started at.