AWS and the others

I have been working on AWS for the past 9 years. I have multiple ceritifications in the field and I really enjoy working on that platform. When I try to use Azure or Google Cloud Computing, I have a hard time motivating myself to do work on the others. I know that I should because learning one or more cloud provider technologies is beneficial in the competitive world of IT. The more you know the better chance of they’ll hire you, but I just think that you’ll never be as good as someone who has dedicated all his time at work and his free time to do work on a single platform. Being multicloud is not something special - yeah, you know how to create a VM on 2 or more cloud’s, but that does not make you awewsome at it. Using Terraform or some other multicloud tool does not make you awesome either.

Getting to know the intricacies of a single cloud provider, and knowing the nuts and bolts of it, is crucial. I want to expand my knowledge on AWS more than I want to learn another cloud platform. Whenever a task is presented and it says something in the like of Azure og GCP, the motivation I have for IT just fades away. Maybe I’m a single-minded person, but my life on this planet is short. I want to do stuff that makes me happy: That is AWS and only AWS!