Just one more update about tools

For the past several years I have worked with Terraform and only Terraform. CloudFormation is not something that I have worked that much with and I feel like I’m in quicksand. I did you use it a lot back when CloudFormation Stacksets got released. I like that I could just deploy a stackset and it then got pushed to all other accounts that I had designated. It worked really well. However tools such as Terraform has come a long way, so doing multiaccount deployments could not be done directly in Terraform. This made deployments really easy.

It’s not like I hate CloudFormation, but I find the syntax really cumbersome to work with. HCL does have it’s own flaws, but it is not JSON. Writing in YAML is also a possibility, but it doesn’t really matter. CloudFormation is CloudFormation. Have I really become that cynical? Damn.