RabbitMQ #1

I need to integrate RabbitMQ to send data to it and then do something with that data. I read on a blog a couple of weeks ago, that you need to have some services available to you such as a database, message queue etc. I haven’t picked a database yet, but I think RabbitMQ is a good message queue service, where I can send data to it and then have some other service do something with that data. This could be things such as sending YouTube links for downloading those videos. Maybe collecting new music from various sources and saving them into the queue for later processing. The options are endless and I just have to keep exploring.

I have set up RabbitMQ but I need to secure it much better. That’s why I have used Step CA to initialize a CA and create certificates with it and then using it to secure the traffic from various clients that’ll do the data processing. I still need to do that. On we go!