Star Wars Galaxies - My story

Back in the autumn or fall of 2003 I started playing Star Wars Galaxies. I remember I started the game and chose Tatooine as a start location, because it was the only planet that I actually did remember from the Star Wars movies. Planets like Rori, Corellia, Dantooine were not plantes that I actually heard of before I started the game. I picked my start profession as a marksman going with the pistoleer as my main branch. I played for a few days alone wandering around the planet when I met a guy named Steps Basic. I think I met him outside Bestine. He introduced me to the game and helped me a lot. One day he and I went to Dar’Xun City. He was a member of the guild Dar’Xun Legion and they lived in that town. It was located south of Bestine and west of Anchorhead (A rebel town/outpost). I joined the guild a couple of days later and I met some really incredible people. I remember I stayed up all night playing because most of the members were from the US. There was also a group of europeans playing in the guild but for some reason they decided to leave and form their guild in the playercity Mos Ari - If I remember correctly they chose the name L’A’W (Lowland Agedan Warriors). Their town was located northwest of Mos Espa.

So there I was, standing between the players from North America and the Europeans. I was asked if I would like to join L’A’W but I declined. I couldn’t leave the guild that I had started with. Over the next couple of months less and less people started to come online. Sometimes there were very few members online and I was wandering around planets trying to keep myself busy. I mastered some professions but I got bored over time. Some of the remaining members of the guild started to revive it a bit. I remember some of us started to create a guild outpost on Dantooine called Sierra. It was a beautiful planet actually. I had a house very close to the lake on the south western part. Some time later a couple of members went off to join different guilds like Protectors of Lok (LOK), L’A’N’C’E, SK etc. I joined LOK for a couple of months. That was a bigger guild than DX ever was and I remember moving to the planet Lok to join their playercity. I do not remember the name of the city or where it was placed.

After a couple of months the expansion Jump To Lightspeed (JTL) came out and DX started to form again. Former players came back and I was asked to come back again. That is what I did. I thanked LOK for my time there and I quit the guild and rejoined DX. At that point between the time when DX wasn’t active and it being revived again, I decided to destroy Dar’Xun City. It has literally become a ghost town at that point. I had another character which was a politician and thus the mayor of the city. The upkeep of the city was becoming a burden and there was nothing going on there. The shuttle was even gone, but for some strange reason you could still travel to the city using the shuttle, but you couldn’t leave the city again using the shuttle. I think it was a bug that was never fixed. Eventually the city was destroyed by me and nature took over the area such as animals were back around. Animals didn’t spawn in player cities. The guild decided to move to Mos Ari. I think they did the move because lots of old former guildmembers were there. There was also a huge influx of new members from the city because L’A’W had eventually disbanded from what I remember. This part of the game were really exciting. We were really coming into the game, having fun and it was a blast.

Another huge impact of SWG was the release of World of Warcraft, where players decided to switch to that game instead. This also meant that Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) changed the game immensely. They first released the Combat Upgrade (CU) and then New Game Enhancements (NGE) - both were received badly by the veteran community. For new players it was very nice to be able to start as a jedi. Back in the old days grinding towards jedi was a task only doable for the hardcore of the hardcore of the players. People quit the game in droves and so did I. I left the game and I never came back again. I remember I put almost all my money into the maintenance of my two houses. My first house was placed on Tatooine in what was Dar’Xun City. My other house was on Dantooine beside a lake. I called my house ‘Farview’ and outside just by the lake there was a tree. I went beside it and then I signed off. I never logged on again.

The tree outside my house on Dantooine

So this is it. This is my story of the game. This is what happened to me and the experiences that I had. I do have some regrets - I didn’t collect contact information of lots of the members, so I lost contact with them. This is something that I regret a lot. Sometimes I do wonder what has happened to them. I even search for them from time to time. I try to piece together some of the things I remember about them, and use Google to find them but to no avail. People signed off and never came back again. One by one they disappeared and so did I. Some I have found and some I will never hear from again.